Corporate Profile

Trade Name Arimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.
Headquarters 1-3-7 Fukaekita, Higashinari-ku, Osaka, JAPAN
Founded April 1923
Established May 1945
Capital \150,000,000
President & CEO Yukinori Arimitsu
Executive Vice-president Yukirou Arimitsu
No. of Employees 200
Business Territory Manufacture of general machinery (high-pressure pumps, washers, controllers etc.)
Business Outline
  • ●Production, distribution, and export of industrial washers, washing and sterilization systems, agricultural machinery, environment hygiene equipment, industrial pumps, air blowers, hydraulic equipment, fire extinguishing equipment, and building machinery
  • ●Design, implementation and subcontracting of piping work, and machine and installation work
  • ●Real estate and a diverse range of other business fields