1923 Arimitsu Seisakusho founded by Yukishige Arimitsu

History01Arimitsu Seisakusho founded by Yukishige Arimitsu in Awaza, Nishi-ku, Osaka City. Commenced production and marketing of circulatory rice polishing machine equipment, irrigation pumps, fire fighting pumps.

1928 Developed Japan's first Triplex plunger pump.

History02Utilized by fruit farmers for pest control, and to car wash and train wash.

1935 Constructed new factory in 1-13, Fukaenaka, Higashinari-ku, Osaka City.
1941 Constructed new factory in 1-16, Fukaenaka, Higashinari-ku, Osaka City.


1945 Changed name to Arimitsu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.

History04Commenced manufacturing military equipment, fire fighting pumps. Established Arimitsu Military Supplies Co., Ltd. Newest Fukaenaka factory lost due to war damage. Changed name to Arimitsu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. Due to the end of war. Restart production of circulatory rice polishers, hand dusters, power sprayers.

1961 Developed pressure washer for brewing barrels.

History05Developed pressure washer for brewing barrels. Began expansion into industrial field.

1966 Nagano Office opened in Matsumoto City.
1968 Opened Kanto sales Office in Omiya City.
1969 Acquired 20,456m2 site in Tawaramotocho for Nara Factory.
1970 Changed name to Arimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.

Its name changed to "Arimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.", active in the field both in name and in reality a variety of the "Arimitsu".

1971 Opened Tokyo Office.
1973 Completed factory in 2-Chome Fukaekita, Higashinari-ku, Osaka City.
1975 Completed 1st stage of Nara Factory.
1987 Yukinori Arimitsu is appointed President.
1990 New Head Office building built at the present location in 1- Chome Fukaekita, Higashinari-ku, Osaka City.
1991 New Kanto Office completed in Omiya City.
1994 Completed new Hokkaido Office in Sapporo.
1995 Extended Nara Factory.


1997 Completed new Kyushu Sales Office in Ohnojo City.
1998 Integrated Manufacturing Division into Nara Factor.
1999 Acquired ISO9001 (Nara Factory, Osaka Center).
2002 Acquired ISO14001 (Nara Factory, Osaka Center).
2005 Transferred Nagoya Sales Office to 1-3, Atsuta-ku.
Commenced sales of electrostatic nozzle(Statical Fog)AES-01,AES-02.


2008 Released cart-type electrostatic nozzle (Statical Fog) AES-10NT.
2009 Developed & released "Hiyayakko" (ACJ type).
Developed & released "Karu-ra 3ch radio-control sprayer" (ATC-1066KAR).
Developed & released Power Duster for Ride Type Rice Planting Machine(ASG-7060).
2011 Developed & released fog system for air-conditioning.